IRGUN KVOD SHOMAYIM is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase awareness of Kvod Shomayim in shuls.

Irgun Kvod Shomayim ("IKS") is a tax-exempt organization that campaigns for Acheinu Beis Yisroel to improve our behavior and conduct in shul. IKS is a grass-roots effort started by a few individuals (all of whom work full time elsewhere and volunteer their efforts for the organization) who want to restore the supremacy of k'vod shomayim and make it foremost in people’s minds. Our goal is to inspire people to improve their actions that recognize Him and show Him respect and refrain from behaviors that detract from it.


IKS utilizes a multi-pronged campaign communicating with individuals, Rabbanim Shlita, and shuls, to inspire people to improve their k’vod shomayim and refrain from behaviors that detract from k’vod shomayim in shuls.

  • IKS educates people about both the positive effects and negative repercussions of k’vod shomayim using a variety of multimedia platforms such as printed flyers and handouts, online content, emails, audio shiurim, videos, live presentations by renowned speakers, and print and online advertising.
  • IKS maintains a website (www.KvodShomayim.org) that includes educational material in a range of formats (i.e., video, audio, print material, etc.) in a variety of languages (i.e., English, Hebrew, Yiddish) to maximize its readership. The website also encourages people to concretize their commitment by publicly pledging {on the IKS Master List} to refrain from talking and to turn off cell phones during davening.
  • IKS encourages and inspires Rabbis and congregants to “take a stand” and act to promote k’vod shomayim by providing materials for them to hand to others, offering suggestions how to utilize peer pressure against those who engage in behaviors that detract from k’vod shoymayim, and assisting individuals in efforts to undertake a k’vod shomayim campaign in their own shul.
  • IKS persuades shuls to put up items that promote k’vod shomayim such as posters or literature produced by IKS, sign-up sheets for members to pledge to not talk during davening, and storage lockers for cell phones.