IRGUN KVOD SHOMAYIM is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase awareness of Kvod Shomayim in shuls.

Irgun K'vod Shomayim ("IKS") was created by a group of mispallelim in Los Angeles who recognized that one of the most neglected mitzvahs today is the mitzvah of k'vod shomayim [honor of Heaven]. Motivated in part by the tragic murder of the four kadoshim in a shul in Har Nof in Mar Cheshvan 5775 (November 2014), and inspired in part by a compelling talk given by Harav Yitzchok Sorotzkin, shlita, (which can be found on the Multimedia page), IKS seeks to help repair the breach in k'vod shomayim through increased awareness of this most important mitzvah.


The purpose of IKS is to increase awareness of k'vod shomayim in shuls. IKS will use a multi-pronged initiative to inspire people to improve their k'vod shomayim and refrain from behaviors that detract from k'vod shomayim in shuls. The initiative will utilize a series of focused media campaigns on various aspects of k'vod shomayim. Our first campaign is to encourage people to turn off their cell phones during davening.